Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality produce that supports your immune system, and makes you feel great!

Our Story

I’m Rachel Armstrong; in the picture you see my husband Seth and our three children, and in the video above you can learn more about our farm, AY RAAM Farms, which is located in Kingsbury, Texas. 


Here at AY RAAM Farms we are passionate about growing healthy, beautiful and sustainable produce.  We also own Armstrong Quality Construction - my husband is an amazing carpenter and home builder, and he spends most of his time away from the farm designing and building. We manage the farm along with the help of our small team.

The Beginning

In 2007, my dad started the farm with the dream to grow healthy food for his family. In 2009 my husband and I got married. We also shared the dream of growing healthy food for our family and the community.


Seth and I have worked on the farm, and been part of the development since it was started. We began managing the farm in 2012. In 2015, we made an agreement to buy the business and eventually the land from my dad. We took a break from growing produce with the arrival of our first baby later in 2015.

Our Dedication


We started growing produce again in 2019 and began selling produce at the Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller in Austin. Now, going into 2021, we will be expanding into a 2.5 acre pasture out back, with the support of a generous grant provided from the Texas Department of Agriculture. We've also expanded to three additional markets - the Texas Farmers' Market at Lakeline, the Barton Creek Farmers' Market, and the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market.

With our mission in mind, we’ve launched our online store to bring you custom orders of vegetables, currently available for pickup from our farm, at The Cornucopia in San Marcos, the Good Things Grocery in Martindale, or one of our farmers' markets. We also sell plants at the farmers' markets. Still later this year, we plan to add CSA-style membership.

Bringing Quality Produce to Locals


We’re passionate about the quality of our produce and the environment, and so we use only sustainable methods of production. Soil is the foundation of our farming business, and you could say, life in general! We manage our soil with care and precision because we want to build soil that will care for us and produce food that is full of all the vitamins and minerals our body needs, and we want it to continue caring our children and future generations.

Importance of Soil

We use soil testing, provided by Texas A&M University, so that we know exactly what our soil needs, and thereby limit nutritional runoff that causes environmental problems. We use compost and certified organic soil amendments.  We are also creating our own soil amendments, in the form of veganic compost made entirely from woodchips. This is a long-term project, but so is caring for our soil and environment.

Sustainable Farming Practices


We use integrated pest management, meaning we try to avoid spraying anything on our plants by using frost cloth and insect nets. If we have to spray, we only use certified organic pesticides. We use flame-weeding, mechanical weeding, and silage tarps to help control weeds. And we sell locally, so that our produce doesn’t require long-distance transportation.

How to Support Our Mission

If you want to support your health and sustain local farming operations while doing so, AY RAAM Farms has you covered! ,

On May 19th, 2021, a team from Texas Farmers' Market came to do a tour of our farm! You can watch it on Instagram Video,

We'd love to hear from you! Head over to our Contact Us page for any more information.

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